For most people buying a home is one of the most exhilarating as well as the most stressful moments in life.

The roof of the house is one of the most expensive features of any home.  When you consider buying your new home you should make sure that the roof on the house is sturdy, reliable and has been well maintained.

A thorough inspection of the roof by an experienced roofing professional should be performed before you commit to buying your new home.

Let’s consider some of the most important factors to look for in a roof whether you’re looking to buy a home or sell your current house.

The Age of the Roof Is Important

You should look out for worn out spots on the roof and inspect if any shingles are missing on the roof. If you see such deficiencies in the roof, it indicates that the roof is pretty old and needs work.

You should check to see if the roof is mold-free. The planes of the roof should be flat without any curly edges or bulges.

Most roofs, especially in Texas, have a lifespan of about 10-15 years. You should ask the seller about the age of the roof. It is not a bad idea to request proof of when the roof was installed. If the roof is older than 10-15 years, you want to negotiate the price of the house considering that you will need to replace the roof soon.

Does the Roof Have Good Ventilation?

When considering a house, regardless of the looks of the roof from the outside, it’s important to know how well designed and maintained the roof ventilation mechanism is.

A good ventilation system is a design that lets sunlight and air come in easily. In addition, a good ventilation system must also get the hot air and heat out of the house easily. These requirements are important for the life of a roof.

A poor ventilation system can cause a number of problems including raising the cost of your utility bills and leading to the formation of mold. For these reasons, pay close attention to the overall ventilation.

Inspecting Canals and Seepage System

Inspecting seepage systems involves getting up on the roof and inspecting a roof’s condition. A seepage system involves downspouts, gutters and drainage pipes.

This part is a bit tricky and recommended you don’t do it yourself unless you are experienced in doing so. We recommend that you hire an expert.

While checking the gutters, look thoroughly for asphalt shingle grains because these small grains that coat the shingles are responsible for shielding the shingles from destructive sun beams.

Inspecting for Breaks and Leaks on the Roof

Roof leaks are something you definitely do not want to deal with right after buying a house.

A leaking roof is not just harmful for your floors but also your furniture and the structure of the house. It’s just such a mess! You are better off avoiding it than dealing with it.

Once the leaking begins, it is most often very difficult to track the source of the leak. The leak is not always where it seems and this is quite frustrating.

You will most probably need professionals to find a leak and remove it once it begins. It’s very important to get your roof inspected by an experienced professional for any possibility of leakage before you make the decision on buying that home.

You need to investigate the valleys and chimneys on the roof. Rooftop creases may have leaks. Be certain to check out all these places in case you are doing it yourself.

Inspecting for Mold on the Roof

The main reasons for mold developing are a poor ventilation system and water leakage. Mold can grow more in a hot climate even though you might think otherwise.

One of the main reasons behind a moldy rooftop is a direct result of water intrusion from the roof. Many people see the mold, get it fixed and overlook the source that made it happen. In which case, the mold returns back at the same spot because the source of leak was not fixed.

Mold on the rooftop is bad for your home. It not only affects the look but causes a bad odor that can be difficult to abide. In addition, there are health risks as well.

Smaller gaps in rooftops require investigation for leakage and mold. Many home experts use an infrared camera when doing this job.

A Few Last Tips about Buying a Home

While an experienced inspector will do most of these checks for you, it’s important that you stay vigilant concerning inspecting the roof of the home you are considering to buy.

Once all inspections are complete, you should have a final report. Based on that report you should negotiate the pricing of the house and the repairs that must be done before you purchase that house as your new home.

If you live in the DFW area and need a roof inspection, we want you to know that we offer a FREE Roof Inspection service where we provide you a detailed, written inspection report of your roof. If you need inspection, please reach out to us and we will be glad to help you out.

There are some issues, such as leaks and any signs of mold that should be fixed properly before you buy the home. However, if roof is just old and needs replacement in the near future, as discussed above, you can negotiate the replacement cost of the roof.

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