Roof inspections can be intimidating for many people and if you are not careful, a complete waste of your time. Most Dallas/Fort Worth homeowners are spending days, even weeks, meeting roofer after roofer, (usually a salesman in disguise) only to be told the roof is totaled and that you need them to handle your claim for you. TOTAL SCAM!

That’s right. Most homeowners are being scammed right from the very beginning and you never see it coming!

It is very easy to avoid the sales scams. Get a drone estimate!

Drone/satellites are Super Convenient and capable of seeing everything a salesperson could see, and more! On top of it’s HD visual capabilities, it is also laser measuring the entire roof and property at the same time for absolute precision accuracy.

Drone/satellite estimates are 100% accurate and accepted by Insurance Companies, Agents, Adjusters, Mortgage Companies, Real-estate Companies, City Municipalities and Homeowner associations. Many of them are already using this State of the Art Technology themselves.

Avoid the Scams! Get your written estimate emailed to you by 5pm today. Give us a try and see for yourself. You’ll thank us later.


No more waiting for appointments with a pushy salesperson. No more pressure to hire or awkward uncomfortable meetings. No more, sorry i’m late, or can we reschedule. Get back to your day. Your estimate is on it’s way. 817-HONEST-1.

No More of the Waiting Game!

The old days of having to physically drive to someone’s house just to provide a roof estimate are no more. Technology has changed everything and is here to make your life much easier in today’s fast paced world. Contractors that are not already using satellite/drone technology are wasting a lot of time and is probably just trying to get a salesperson in front of you. Avoid the sales meetings. Get your estimate emailed to you by 5pm today and get back to your life.

State of the Art “Same-Day” Roof Inspection and Estimation to the Rescue!

HD drone inspections-accurate

We are able to zoom into any location on planet earth, within 1 hour of your request, and inspect, map, photograph, diagram, measure and estimate your roof, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our estimates are extremely thorough and very detailed. You can tell a lot about a roofing company by how their estimates are written.

No salespeople. No meetings. No pressure. Just honest written roof estimates emailed to you from a true hands on Texas shingle roof installer. Avoid the scams! Get an estimate from us and see for yourself. Never hurts to look.

No appointment, no sales pressure and no fuss. Just honest, written roof estimates emailed right to you within 24 hours of your request.

Just sit back, relax and read over our written estimate from within the safety and privacy of your own home with no pressure to hire.

HD Drone Inspections/Estimates are 100% Accurate & Accepted by all Insurance Companies

Worried about accuracy?


HD drone inspections and estimates are 100% accurate and accepted by all insurance companies, agents, adjusters, realty companies and Homeowners Associations. Many of whom are already using this technology themselves today.


3D Virtual World Estimating software-ROOFING INSPECTION
roofing diagram- based on drone data collection

Once the inspection and diagram of your home is complete it can then be uploaded into our 3/D virtual world estimating software. From here we prepare your estimate using all of the data we’ve collected. As soon as your estimate is complete, its emailed directly to you in real-time.

Most residential shingle roof estimates can even be completed and sent to you by the end of the business day.

Times have changed! Need a roof estimate? Why wait? Call or click today to get your free State of the Art Satellite/Drone Roof estimate.

Need Same-Day Roof Inspection, and an Honest, Accurate & Written Estimate?

If you don’t want the Drone Inspection and prefer an in-home visit by us to estimate your roof?

No problem. Call or contact us using one of our online forms  and request an “in-home” estimate. We would be glad to visit with you in person.