Remember the old days when roofing estimates were priced by the square, with everything included, for one honest and “upfront” price.


Now days, contractors seem to only be interested in taking over your insurance claim and keeping all your insurance money.


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Best Warranty in the biz
Labor Warranty is extremely important when considering a contractor. Sadly, the average roofing labor workmanship warranty in Dallas/Fort Worth ranges between 2 to 10 years maximum. AND, this information is usually being hidden within the fine print of roofing estimates. Be sure you are paying very close attention to the Labor Warranty guarantee. Go wrong there, and it could cost you big time!

Honestroof.com stands behind all roof installations with a written 20 Year Leak Free Labor Workmanship Warranty Guarantee.


We have provided the highest quality roof installations in DFW for more then 60 years now. With no deposits and no money to start, our customers risk nothing.

We are guaranteed to deliver 100% customer satisfaction with hundreds of A+ 5 Star customer reviews to prove it.

We are currently offering a $1000 cash reward to anyone that can find even one previous customer who was not completely satisfied with our services.

Voted Best Price & Best Warranty in DFW! 



Asphalt Composition Shingles


(2) GAF

Owens Corning and GAF are the 2 most trusted and highest quality shingle manufactures in the U.S. Although we could make more of a profit by offering you other shingle brands of less quality and durability, it is not worth the risk to us….or to you. If you are having to replace your roof, you should really consider using this as an opportunity to upgrade your home with better products. The right shingle, combined with a proper attic ventilation, can go a long way to conserving your energy, while standing up to the larger hail and wind storms that frequent our area.

However, the wrong shingle can have you doing this all over again out of your own pocket. There are thousands of homeowner complaints online regarding faulty work and faulty materials. Always pay very close attention to the shingle brand being offered to you on your estimates.


Do Not Allow These Shingles To Be Installed On Your Roof

  • Tamko Elite Glass-Seal 3-tab shingles.
  • Tamko Heritage
  • CertainTeed-Landmark
  • Malarkey-Malarkey Legacy
  • Atlas
  • Atlas Pinnacle
  • IKO
  • Economy Shingles
  • 2nds, (Second hand materials)

All of the manufacturers listed above have proven to have multiple issues with their products over the past 20 years. (Class action lawsuits, shingle defects, etc.) ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS ARE BEING SOLD TO HOMEOWNERS BY STORM CHASERS AND GENERAL CONTRACTORS IN THE DFW AREA. BUYER BEWARE!

Roll Roofing & Flat Roofs

Flat roof systems and low slope roof angles require a roll roofing product. These are typically found on most backyard patios, garages, carports, additions, game rooms, etc..

We use only high quality roll roofing system products such as Bitech, GAF & TARCO. Each project will dictate which product should be used based on size, slope angle, and geography.

Low slope roofing applications should not be trusted to just anyone. Applying flat roll roofing products “correctly” is not an easy task and should only be trusted to highly skilled, expert technicians with a minimum of 10 years of hands on experience. If a flat roof system is installed even the slightest fraction off, it is guaranteed to leak into the home costing both the homeowner and contractor thousands in damages and headaches. Flat roof systems are notorious for bankrupting contractors all over the U.S. Like my father use to say, “Someone better know what their doing”


Tile and slate roofs, although very beautiful, are very expensive and quite risky for our area. Tile and slate materials have a tendency to become cracked or chipped during the larger hail storms. These damages may not immediately begin to leak but will certainly be at risk and will look very unsightly as if they are falling apart.

All insurance companies consider these damages to be “cosmetic damages only”. Therefore, denying any and all claims against storm damages leaving you to either cover the cost of repair yourself or live with it.

Considering the cost of these roof systems,  living with cracked and broken tiles after a big hail storms doesn’t sound like a good deal to me.

Asphalt shingles are highly recommend for the DFW area. They will stand up to 95% of the storms that frequent our area. However, in the event of a damaging hail storm, it will most likely total out the roof allowing you to file a claim for full replacement at no out of pocket expense to you.


Similar to Tile & Slate, most homeowners are under the impression that a metal roof is the best roof you can get. That would normally be true anywhere other than the DFW area.

Because of the amount of damaging storms that frequent our area, installing a metal roof is also very risky. Metal roof panels are especially sensitive to hail storms because they show hail damages in vivid detail. Although the damages will be clearly visible and look horrible, insurance companies will consider the damages to be “cosmetic damages only” therefore denying any and all claims for full replacement.

This means that you will now have to live with the unpleasant and unsightly dented metal roof panels that you paid extra to have or pay to have your roof replaced out of your own pocket.

We highly recommend shingle roof systems for the DFW area in order to be guaranteed full replacement cost in the event of a large hail storm…which we all know is highly likely, if not guaranteed.