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Should you repair or replace your roof when roof damage has been spotted on your home? You might not have thought about it but most homeowners are faced with this question after hail damage or a leak is identified.

Frequently homeowners spot a leak and panic thinking that they need an entire new roof . That is not always the case. Other homeowners find out that shingles are missing from their roof at many locations and have additional damaged shingles on an old roof. Yet they want to fix the damage with simple repairs. They may both be wrong.

Today we want to discuss how you can check your roof and reasonably determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. As one of the most trusted and oldest roofing companies in the DFW area we can help you with that decision based on the amount of damage and actual condition of the roof.

Inspecting Your Roof

To begin with, conduct a visual inspection from the ground. Look for signs of aging such as cracks, curling or loose shingles on your roof. You might use a pair of binoculars to check the roof in detail. If you are able, cover every angle. As valuable an assent as a home is, it is reasonable to look the roof over a couple of times a year. Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Be prepared make a few notes and a few pictures with dates and captions so you know when an issue developed.

Pay special attention to the valleys, vent pipe and all spots that intersect or meet the roof. The flashing and boots around vents should be intact, undamaged and in their respective spots. Likewise, the roof’s edge should be flat, with no signs of wind damage.

Go inside the attic and check the condition of the wood parts, such as trusses and the underside of the roof deck if visible. Look for water stains and signs of warping. Check the foam or blown-in insulation for clumps which are a sure sign of water damage.

You can do it all yourself. However, we do recommend that you get a professional inspection done by an experienced roofer when you suspect damage. We offer complete FREE roof inspection service to all DFW homeowners. Once we inspect your roof, we provide a detailed written report of all the findings and provide our recommendations on the services you may need.

Signs That Indicate You Need Roof Repairs

The first determination that needs to be made based on the list of damages you see on your roof is to answer the question; are these roofing issues concentrated in a specific area of the roof?

If yes, then you may be looking at some roof repair work. It could be a dent or a hole caused by wind or a large piece of hail or some windblown debris.

You should not ignore this damage even though may it seem minor. Given constant exposure to sun and wind, even the smallest hole can expand in a very short time causing even more widespread damage. You need a roof repair and we highly recommend that you get this fixed as soon as possible.

Signs That Indicate You Need a Roof Replacement

If your roof is more than 15 years old and you found damages in multiple areas on it due to hail or any other storm, you are most likely looking at a roof replacement. Even your insurance company will want you to replace your roof in such cases. Check out a recent post where we shared details about old roofs and issues associated with it.

If your roof is not really that old but the damages on your roof are widespread and large such as curling, cracked or loose shingles at many places, the damage is serious. If you find patches of multiple missing shingles from multiple places on your roof, your roof will need replacement.

Some shingles may have bald spots where the granules have been worn off. If you notice pinholes of light while you are in the attic, you definitely need a professional assessment of your roof’s condition.

These conditions can warrant a complete roof replacement in our experience. Again, if you need to file a claim with your insurance against these damages, your insurance company will most likely ask you to replace your roof.

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