how much does a new roof cost


How Much Does A New Roof Cost?


It’s actually much less then you think.

In virtually any industry, from floors to ceilings, repair estimates will typically match somewhat closely when compared side by side.

The roofing industry however, lives a world of it’s own, with prices that can vary greatly.

The reason? Most roofing prices are based on what insurance companies pay homeowners for insurance claims. Not what their true actual costs are.


What Ever Your Insurance Company Pays!

This is a statement made by most Dallas Fort Worth roofing contractors. We don’t give roof estimates. We work for insurance proceeds. We deal directly with your insurance company. All scams!

This allows contractors to rake in all of your insurance money without ever having to bid the job or earn your business with an honest estimate of their own.


Knock, Knock, Ring, Ring.


Roofing contractors quickly figured out that by rushing out after the storm, knocking on doors and taking over a homeowners insurance claim right from the beginning, was far more profitable then providing the homeowner with an honest written roofing estimate of their own or waiting around to be called for an estimate.

Even when most contractors do give homeowners written estimates, it’s almost always priced to match the insurance companies pricing. Not what their true actual costs are.

Insurance companies typically pay homeowners a much higher amount than the true actual cost of a roof replacement. This makes Dallas Fort Worth homeowners a prime target for storm contractors looking to cash in on the left over money. 


Smooth Talkers

shingle roofing scams

In most cases, homeowners never see it coming. Sales people have gotten very clever at convincing homeowners to hand over their insurance claim. It usually starts off slow with a simple foot in the door technique, like offering a free roof inspection. Careful not to give up to much information.

Then, after getting off your roof, they move in for the kill. Convincing you that insurance claims are hard, or that insurance claims don’t pay enough and that you need them to deal with the insurance company on your behalf. All Lies! All Scams!


Look At This Hand, Miss That Hand


The truth? You do not need a contractor to handle your claim. Filing a claim is a 5 minute phone call.

“Hello insurance company, I need to file a claim against hail damage. Ok, By!”

That’s about it. From there the adjuster handles everything themselves.

By convincing you that claims are hard and that you need them to do it for you, they take your attention away from ever being concerned with the true cost of the work. This allows them an opportunity to pocket all the left over money for themselves.  


Trained To Take Over Your Claim


You will find that the contractors we are talking about, have no interest in providing you with a written estimate. They want the easy sell. The low hanging fruit. When asked for an estimate, most will simply walk away or immediately give you a line about the law or attempt to make you feel you are doing something wrong.

They don’t want to have to bid or earn your business. The big money is in taking over your claim. That’s how they were trained.

Aggressive sales teams undergo months of training by General Contractors and are expected to do one thing. Seek out and find hail damaged areas, knock on doors and offer free roof inspections. Then, take over your insurance claim.

They are not interested in placing an honest bid for the work. Providing you with a real estimate of their own could leave thousands of dollars of insurance money on the table. They want all of your insurance money. Not some of it.


Don’t be Fooled

Look closely. In the event you can actually get them to give you an estimate, you may notice that it looks suspiciously similar to your insurance companies estimate. That’s because they are using the same price list software as your insurance company.

This is an attempt to get all of your insurance money. Remember, they are not interested in earning your business with an honest estimate. The big money is taking over your claim.


True Roofing Costs

True and honest roofing prices should range between $1.85 to $2.75 a square foot, based on 3 key factors.

•Number of Stories

Most insurance companies are paying homeowners much more then this per square figure. Which is exactly what led to the dishonest estimating practices we see today.


Avoid The Roofing Scams

If you are in the market for a new roof, avoid contractors looking to handle your insurance claim. Or companies that claim to charge everything to your insurance company.

Always demand detailed written estimates and never allow a contractor to represent you with your insurance company.

It is to your advantage to handle your own insurance claim and keep your insurance information private while choosing a contractor, until you are ready to hire.


Free Roof Estimates

We provide free same day written roof estimates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Low honest prices, based on our true actual costs. Not what insurance companies pay.

Remember, it’s your insurance money. Not your contractors.

And Finally,

The last blog. One more blog and you will fully understand the entire process and will be ready to move forward with handling your own claim.


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