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On the hunt for roofer? Just need a roof estimate? Why Wait?

Dallas Fort Worth homeowners spend far to much time messing with roofers. Days, weeks, months meeting sales people and contractors just to get an estimate. What if you did’t have to.

Avoid the pushy sales people!

Roofing Contractor On Ladder Figuring Hail Damage Repairs To Roof

In the old days, roofing estimates were priced based on the total square footage of the roof. If you knew the measurements, you knew the price. Everything was included. No extra charges.

Today, the average contractor is more interested in sending a sales person to your home to get as much out of you as possible or to take over your insurance claim and keep all your insurance money.

At, we prefer to do things the old way. Honest upfront estimates based on the total square footage of the roof with everything included. No surprises, no up-charges and no fuss.

Avoid vague estimates or contractors looking to handle your insurance claim or charge everything to your insurance company. Compare apples to apples just like anything else you would purchase and examine their estimates closely.

We like to put honest written roof estimates into our customers hands right away and have made it super convenient for you to do so.

Introducing, State of the Art, “Same-Day“, Satellite/Drone inspection technology.


Just sit back, relax and wait on your estimate. No appointments, no sales people, no fuss.


aerial roof inspection

We are able to zoom down to any location on planet earth, within 1 hour of your request. Inspect, map, diagram, measure and estimate any roof system, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

No appointment, no sales pressure and no obligation to hire. Just honest written roof estimates emailed to you within 24 hours of your request and all without ever getting out of your chair.


HD drone inspections-accurate

Worried about accuracy? HD drone estimates are 100% accurate and accepted by all insurance companies, agents, adjusters, realty companies and Homeowners Associations. Many of whom are already using this technology themselves.

roofing diagram- based on drone data collection

This roof diagram was produced within 30 minutes of the homeowner’s request. All using data collected by satellite/drone imaging. The entire roof was “Laser Measured” for 100% accuracy, photographed and fed back to our office in real time for processing. This simply cannot be accomplished by an actual live human salesperson within a timely manner.


3D Virtual World Estimating software-ROOFING INSPECTION

Once the inspection and diagram of your home is complete it can then be uploaded into our 3/D virtual estimating software. From here we prepare your estimate using all of the data we’ve collected.

As soon as your estimate is complete, its emailed directly to you in real-time. In fact, most residential shingle roof estimates can even be completed and sent to you by the end of the business day.

Shocking isn’t it? An actual honest to goodness roof estimate emailed right to you and you never even got out of your seat.

Times have changed! Need a roof estimate? Why wait? Call or click today to get your free State of the Art Satellite/Drone Roof estimate.

No appointments, no fuss.

DFW’s #1 Trusted Shingle Roof Specialist

Drone and email not your thing? No problem. Call or click and request an in-home estimate. We would be glad to visit with you in person.

Call us at 817-HONEST-1, or email us at

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