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In 2016 after a chance meeting at a roof leak repair call for a top level Insurance Claims executive, I was approached and educated to the issues being faced by the Insurance industry regarding fraudulent hail and wind claims and over priced estimates. Due to the wide spread roofing and hail storm fraud, the Insurance company was looking for an honest roofing company with a reputation for doing things right, to partner with and refer their customers to. The task would include performing honest roof inspections on behalf of the insurance companies in order to separate legitimate hail claims from fraudulent ones. Once determined, I was to provide each customer with an honest written estimate for replacement/repair, based on my actual cost, not what insurance companies would be paying the homeowner(s).
This honest method of estimating was a huge hit with both insurance companies and homeowners alike. Saving both sides millions a year, quickly launching my career path back to it’s original roots. Expert, “hands on” residential roof installations for one honest, upfront price. Today, we are one of the highest rated companies in DFW, specializing in residential/commercial roof replacements with loyal customers returning year after year, referring other friends and family members in need of honest roofing services.
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